Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Fresh Start

 Hey everyone! I know I haven't posted in a really long time but I want to start posting again. This time I'm doing outfit inspiration sets. These outfits will be for all different types of events and occasions. The outfits will be put together by me and be based of  my style and what I think looks nice together. I hope that you guys will enjoy my future posts and they help you out! These sets will be featured in my new blog, THE STYLE DOCTOR. My current blog Fashion Tattler the one you are on  right now will no longer be used and posted on. Please check out my new blog where I hope to improve. Thank you, I will see you very soon over on THE STYLE DOCTOR !

new blog:

Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer Makeup Products

    Makeup is an amazing tool, but often in the summer it can get hard because it is very hot and makeup can sweat off or smudge. Today I have a list of products that I will be talking about that are great for summer and water resistant. (Disclaimer: I am not advertising any of these products and these are opinions of my own.) All products and prices are linked below.

  • Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara CVS  $5.29 
  • Maybelline Color Tattoos(cream eye shadow bases)  Target $5.94
  • Physician's Formula BB Cream Physician's Formula $14.35
  • Revlon Photo Ready Cream Blushes Ulta $12.99 
  • NYC Color Eye Liner NYC  $3.99
  • EOS Lemon Drop Lip Balm Walmart $2.96
       The Maybelline Great Lash waterproof mascara is one of my personal favorites. When you apply it, it doesn't get clumpy and  it adds so much length and volume to your lashes. My favorite part is that it stays on all day long and doesn't smudge. During the summertime go light on eye shadow during the day. I recommend cream eye shadows , because they go on very smooth and creamy and they stay on the whole time if you decide to go in the pool. Also the Maybelline Color Tattoos acted as a great  base and primer if you decide to apply more eye shadow for the night.
       In the hot weather foundation could be very uncomfortable and sticky on your face, a great replacement is BB Cream. The product that I have heard great reviews is the Physician's Formula All-in-1 Beauty Cream. It has SPF, so it will protect your face from the sun. It has light coverage and a acts as a tinted moisturizer. To give your cheeks more color instead of using power blush, cream blush stays on much longer, such as the Revlon Photo Ready Cream Blushes. It makes you look more awake and ready for the day. A great way to add a pop of color to your simply makeup is, instead of black liner use a color eyeliner(such as the colors teal, purple and green) to add a fun touch to your look. My favorite liners are from NYC. Do not forget your lips, keep them moisturized. Eos's Lemon Drop Lip Balm is great for the summer, because it has SPF 15 which protects your lips from the sun, you don't want your lips to be sunburned. All these products can be purchased at the drug store for a cheap and affordable price, and they have great quality. 
     Below I have a video by Bethany Mota or also known as Macbarbie07 on YouTube, it's a simply waterproof drugstore makeup tutorial.
   I hope everyone enjoyed this post and maybe it helped you with choosing makeup products for summer. 

Thanks for reading!!!!!!!! Bye, have a great day!!!!!!!!

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara Waterproof Lash Building Brush Very Black       



Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer 2013 Outfit Ideas

Summer 2013 Outfit Ideas

    Hello everyone, today I am back with a summer 2013 outfit ideas post, because well at least in New York summer is here and its getting really hot.  If you're going to the beach, a party, or just a casual day out with friends these outfits might give you some inspiration, so let's get started. The first outfit is very patriotic, if you're from the states, this is perfect with you are going to a Fourth of July party. I am in love with this cropped tank top. It has the red and white stripes and at the top, fringes with the blue and white stars. Because the top already has a lot going on I paired it with a simply black high wasted  circle skirt.  For shoes and accessories I paired the outfits with a pair of white Converse, and an american flag mustache bracelet. 
    Maxi dresses are one of the must have summer pieces in your closet, they are so comfortable and easy to style. For outfit number two I found a gorgeous strapless maxi dress that starts out white at the top and flows out into many bright colors of flower printed chiffon. Maxi dresses are best with sandal, and also sandals are super comfortable to walk in. I just chose a pair of blue strap scandals. To accessorize I found a teal bangle with gold detailing.
     The third outfit is my go-to summer outfit, sleeveless top, shorts, and sandals or sneakers. Chiffon doesn't wrinkle and is light weight, it will keep you cooler.The top is  bright pink sleeveless and chiffon material. These shorts are super in trend this year, I have been seeing them at all the stores. They are denim light wash shorts that have lace detailing on the outside corners, so cute! For shoes, just a pair of brown strap sandals. To accessorize the look I added a pair of pearl earrings and a cream cross body bag for your belongings. Simple and easy. 
       So this concludes my Summer 2013 Outfit Ideas, I hope you enjoyed!!!!!!!!!!! 
                 Thanks for reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Pretty Little Liars: Emily Fields Inspired Outfits

  Hey everyone, so today I'm back with another one of my Pretty Little Liars Inspired Outfit series. If you are not familiar with this series it's basically where I try to recreate 2-3 outfits whore by the main characters on the show Pretty Little Liars the hit T.V. series on ABC Family, for a more affordable price, but with similar clothing pieces. I will Pretty Little Liars linked at the bottom. In the series I've already recreated the characters Aria Montgomery and Hanna Marin. So today I'm doing an outfit inspiration from Emily Fields. Emily Fields Outfits

     Emily Fields on the show, is played by Shay Mitchell. Her style out of the five main girls on the show is definitely the off casual. The first outfit is what Emily's styles is circled around. Combat boots, muscle tanks, and skinny jeans. On the show Emily is really often wearing denim shirts. Instead of pairing the denim shirt on denim, I chose a pair it with a pair of colored jeans. To tie the outfit together, at a pair of Emily's favorite combat boots. 
     The second outfit is showing the more edgy side of of Emily. One of her statement pieces is her leather jacket, nut here I chose a leather vest. Underneath the vest I paired a white graphic muscle tank, with black and neon prints. Matching with the neon in the top, and adding more color to the outfit, I added a pair of neon green jeans. Since this is an edgier outfit, I Emily would wear black combat boots, so I found a pair of black patent leather combat boots from Dr. Martens.
     Thank you so much for reading, I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and got to know more about Emily's style. Keep your eyes out for more of the series! Follow!!!!!!!!! Comment!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, April 8, 2013

How To Style Dr.Martens

How To Style Dr.Martens

     Hey everyone, I'm back for another How To style post! One of the 2013 trends are Dr.Martens. They have been seen everywhere from celebrities to street fashion. Personally I love Dr.Martens, but many people find them hard to style. Today I will be show you guys three different outfits I put together, showing different ways to style your Dr.Martens. The first outfit is probably the edgiest out of the three. With the high waist shorts, the American flag print is toned down with the white scull muscle tank. The army jacket is really optional, but  I though it added a extra touch to the outfit. For the boots, of course Dr. Martens. I chose a pair of brick red Dr.Marten classics, bring out the red in the shorts.
     The second outfit is my absolute favorite. This spring black and white is a huge trend. I love the black and white printed cropped tank, it is so cute. To give the outfit more color I added a parry-winkle blue skater skirt. If you don't want to show that much skin, add a baggy cardigan. other then that, the cardigan gives the outfit a more casual look. For boots I chose just classic black Dr.Martens. The last outfit is the simplest, I chose a dark gray, graphic muscle tee. Since the muscle tank is cropped I added some adorable high waist shorts, with some really cool studding. Under the muscle tee, since it has deep arm holes add a cute bandeau. Now for the boots, these are my favorite Dr.Martens ever, they are black with purple floral pint all over them. 
Dr. Martens are so comfortable, keep in mind they are kind of pricey. A pair of average classics are at least $120, but they sure will last a long time. Also if you don't want to spend the high amount, you can find many Dr.Marten inspired styles of boots. 
       I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful, and tune in next week for a new post. Thanks for reading, Bye!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Pretty Little Liars, Hanna Marin Inspired Outfits

     Hey everyone, so today I'm finally back on track with my Pretty Little Liars Inspired Outfit series. If you are not familiar with this series it's basically where I try to recreate 2-3 outfits whore by the main characters on the show Pretty Little Liars the hit T.V. series on ABC Family, for a more affordable price, but with similar clothing pieces. I will Pretty Little Liars linked at the bottom. So about two posts back, I did the first of this series, where I recreated two of Aria Montgomery's outfits. Today I'm doing the second of the series, an outfit inspiration from Hanna Marin. Hanna Marin on the show, is played by Ashley Benson. On the show Hanna is the most girly out of all the other girls, she has a bold and classic style, all her outfits are always so put together and preppy. She loves to layer pieces of clothing, have bright pops of color in her outfits and have statement pieces. 
Untitled #15

                                                                            Original Outfit #1
  The first outfit is probably the go-to Hanna outfit, it has all the elements of Hanna's style, shear tops, peplum skirts, statement accessories and bright pops of color. It is recreated from episode 19 season 3 "What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted", Instead of lace on top, I found a shear white long sleeve top that looks amazing with the outfit, and well suiting Hanna's style. For bottoms I found a black peplum skirt, exactly alike for half the Hanna's original skirt. For Hanna's neon yellow collar, it was originally from Zara for $15, but it was sold out so I found a really cute and close match, of a neon statement block necklace. For shoes I just with some black platform sandals. To tight the outfit together, I belted the skirt with a skinny neon belt. Also in the episode Hanna had a plaid blazer, but any blazer would be fine.

  Original Outfit #2

  The second outfit is one of more simply and casual outfits for Hanna's style. The outfit is fun and colorful. The top is a simple orange tank, that is nice and flowy. My favorite part of this outfit would have to be Hanna's pattern pants. The colors look so fun and screams spring to me. I actually found the original pair Hanna wore, it's by Nordstrom retailed for $76.
To tone down the colors go for a pair of neutral wedges. To finish the look I added a burnt orange Rebecca Minkoff cross body. This outfit can be easily recreated, you can mix and match the different colors.

  Thank you so much for reading, I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Keep your eyes out for more of the series! Follow!!!!!!!!! Comment!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Break Lookbook 2013

Spring Break Lookbook

      Spring is well on its way here, and it's time to fill your closets with spring wardrobe. Put away those winter coats and chunky sweaters. Two of this spring's trends is black and white, and pastels. Also Spring break is here for most of you in school, today I put together four different outfits for you guys, that will fit almost any activity.
    Outfit #1: The first outfit is comfy and casual, its great for a day handing out if friends. I chose a graphic tank paired with a great pair of mint pastel jeans. If it gets chilly put over a gray cardigan to compliment the mint in the jeans. For shoes you want to stay casual so I chose a pair of coral Vans, also bringing out some of the coral in the graphic tank.
      Outfit #2:  The second outfit is my go to outfit for those hot days during vacation. The pastel pink top is flowy any light weight, also the polka-dots are super cute. Studded shorts are really in this season, I paired the top with some medium wash, high waist, studded shorts. Top it all of, the perfect pair of gladiator sandals.
       Outfit #3:  The next outfit is by far my favorite, it is so girly and feminine. It is a great outfit for going out, and can be worn right to dinner. The white lace top looks so cute with the black, tiger lily chiffon, skater skirt. Tiger lilies are a popular pattern this spring, and both the top and skirt are super girly. To tone it down a bit, and have comfy shoes to walk in, have a good pair of lace up boots. Here I chose a pair of super comfortable of black velvet material, combat boots by Dr. Marten. They are on the pricier side, but are easily dupable. 
        Outfit #4:  The last outfit is really easy and simply, but still cute. For the top I chose   a denim, sleeveless shirt. The white collar is really nice, because it gives a color block affect. Instead of paired blue denim, on blue denim, I chose a pair of pastel pink, color denims. To give the outfit more pattern and texture to the outfit, I picked my favorite pair of cream colored, lace TOMS.
      Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post, and gave you ideas on outfits for this spring.  Until next time...........
                                                      - Ruby:)